Welcome to Bargello Rhythms

Now you can decorate your home or office with a custom-made, one-of-a-kind fabric wall hanging that will add a dynamic element to any décor.

Introduction Bernie Miller will introduce you to the visual joy of an original Bargello artwork, which she creates, from choosing the fabrics and pattern to stitching the final piece.

She will work with you or your designer to select the colors, theme, and size of the hanging, as well as the mood you wish to express.

Bernie’s goal is to accomplish an art piece that you and others who visit your space will enjoy for years to come.

The Bargello Story

The word Bargello originally referred to needlepoint patterns achieved through the use of upright stitches. The term has also come to mean a particular sense of patterning and color. Most of these patterns were developed as early as the 17th century. One of the oldest pieces of Bargello needlepoint is on a set of chairs from the Bargello palace in Florence, Italy.

The Bargello technique using fabrics imitates this needlework process. These pieces are popularly called “quilts” because the fabric color runs are sandwiched with batting and backing in the construction.

The design is achieved by cutting the color run strips in varying widths and arranging them to move up and down creating the curves and points. Often, narrow separator strips are inserted between the color runs, adding another design and dimension to the piece.

The finished pieces can be horizontal or vertical in presentation; sizes can vary; the colors can be bright and bold or soft and muted. Whatever pattern and colors are used, the result is always very dramatic.

Your Custom-made Bargello

Once you have determined you’d like a Bargello to grace your home, Bernie will meet with you to learn about your vision, your tastes, and your color preferences. Then she’ll lead you through your options. It’s helpful if she can walk through the space in which your piece will hang so she can visualize and assess the entire environment. She will then propose a color scheme, a pattern and a size for your artwork.

Your Bargello will be created using high quality cotton fabrics and stitched much like a quilt with batting and backing. A pocket at the back of the top edge will allow a decorator rod for hanging.

Finally, Bernie will advise you about the appropriate way to install your artwork, including the types of rods or perhaps a frame for your piece.

From beginning to end, Bernie will make sure this is your artwork as much as it is hers.